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Do you want your website to actually do something rather than just look pretty? Maybe you've tried the do it yourself templates and found they simply don't meet your requirements? Or perhaps you simply don't have the time and knowledge to create a reliable website for your business?

That's what Designer Web Applications can do for you. Here at Designer Web Applications we build and create beautiful bespoke websites for specific company or user scenarios. Whether that be a website for your customers to place orders for your products or services, or whether it's for your staff to use as a central administration system, we can build a website for your exact needs.

No Templates!

We don't use templates, they simply aren't flexible enough for our customer's needs. All our websites are written by us, using the very latest technologies, from the roots upwards. Our websites are:

  • Built using Microsoft MVC DotNet Core 2 framework, making them incredibly fast and scalable.
  • Totally responsive design right from the start with mobile first technology, meaning they will work on all devices, from your iPhone or Android phone, right the way through to your desktop PC or MAC.
  • Your website data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server database back end for superior performance and security.


Once we've built your website we can even set you up with your own on premises web server so that you don't have to take up expensive web hosting contracts. In fact when you come to Designer Web Applications, we will totally look after you from the very start, to the very end.